6 Tools that Can Help You Manage Multiple Social Media Channels with More Ease in 2018

Did you know that right now 68% of U.S. adults are on Facebook? And that’s only one social media channel among many others on the internet. So it’s no wonder why social media is the “secret weapon” of thriving entrepreneurs, that is, for those who know how to use it.

Surprisingly, 63% of companies have trouble generating traffic and leads. The real question is why, when there are many tools that can come to the rescue and help to better manage online accounts? Not only will such an approach enhance the traffic, but it will also improve the relationships with customers.

After all, managing all networks from a central database could save more than time and effort that would take to switch between social media tools. It could save the business revenue, media campaigns, and leads conversion. Hence, simplify your social operations and take advantage of the following top market tools for multiple channel management.

Buffer Publish

Let’s just say that Buffer has a large base of loyal fans. This very useful tool allows you to schedule, manage, customize, and even publish your posts across multiple channels. With four options to log in, including Facebook, Google +, Twitter, and LinkedIn, you are doomed to discover the user-friendly side of Buffer.

However, the best part comes with costs. For $10 a month, you get 100 scheduled posts with 10 connected social media accounts. Of course, you can always choose the free version or a business plan at $99/month, if you wish to experience the joy of increased search engine ratings, as there are 25 accounts, 5 team members, and 2000 scheduled posts that share the content at the best possible time during the day.


“If This Then That” (IFTTT) is the best program for automating your social media tasks. In fact, you can advance automated actions by setting up the parameters ahead and post on multiple channels with a single click. In other words, your posts will automatically be shared on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.  Doesn’t that sound perfect?

All you need to do is to sign up for it and become a IFTTT partner. The platform will provide the rest, including an insightful dashboard, support, and access to IFTTT’s audience.


As the name suggests, this is the analytic tool where you can combine all of your channels to get powerful insights. You can link an unlimited number of social media profiles, from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, to LinkedIn and more, and wait for the app to send you weekly or monthly email reports on what has changed and how.

But accurate analytics are not only available via email. All of the gathered data is saved and easily reviewed on the site’s dashboard. In addition, SumAll does the work for free.


Do you want to keep track of the most popular content people you follow post? This could be arranged by applying Nuzzel. You can stay informed about the competition and the latest market trends through email links to popular articles or via pre-adjusted alerts for certain Twitter friends and their most shared stories.

Similarly to others, Nuzzel allows you to share your content on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Twitter. Also, this virtual news assistant is completely free and available as a mobile app for IOS and Android.


Like most social media management systems, MeetEdgar enables you to schedule and keep track of your updates. However, the perk of this app is in automation that allows you to build your own social media library and reuse it at any time. To put it simply, you can make your content evergreen by automatically reposting the social media updates that will be seen by the target audience.

Once you request an invitation from this website, you will get a chance to choose between a starter ($49) and the premium monthly plan ($99). After you select what suits you best, you are free to connect all your accounts, add content, schedule your updates, and save them in your library for Edgar’s further use.


A “find the key influencers to promote your content” strategy is excellent for busy entrepreneurs who need a bit of inspiration for content topics. By tracking individual links across social media, you are able to find the key influencers and start following them on the BuzzSumo platform. Hence, you can get an insight into the most shared topics, content, and domains.

Apart from checking out the competition, the app enables you to use filters and find the specific content you are looking to share, including articles, videos, infographics, interviews, and guest posts. Last but not least, BuzzSumo is available for a monthly/annual payment and it comes in Pro, Plus, Large, and Enterprise custom plans tailored to fit you.


Just think about heavy competition, gaining global awareness, more exposure for your brand and your logo so that it can stick in the mind of your audience, improving traffics, and generating leads. The only way to get the upper hand on the market is by following trends, as innovations are the key to engaging consumers. Currently, automation is the “must-have” tool for business, so be sure to take advantage of some of these automated apps.

Don’t become the servant of social media, let the social media apps serve you to better! Reach the public with quality content shared on various platforms, and in the best possible time. You don’t have to use all these tools to become a social media master, simply select the one that best suits your goals in the long-run.

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