WILLGOO Rechargeable Apple Pencil Case Review

If you have used iPad Pro or one of the most recent iPads releases, you will have come across this sleek accessory; the Apple Pencil. You got to applaud Apple Inc. for once again producing such a small gadget with so much to offer.

The Apple Pencil (of course from Apple Inc.) is an input tool accompanying their latest versions of tablet computers. The pencil helps iPad users to take notes, make drawings or mark documents directly on their device. However, the caveat is that it possess sensors that require power to function. Once fully charged, the Apple Pencil battery can last up to twelve hours until the next charge.

Finding the right charger to recharge this device can sometimes be a pain. This is more so because chargers are not particularly fancy carry on accessories. Hence, the new WILLGOO Apple Pencil Case combines aesthetic with functionality to provide users with an all-in-one storage and power charger solution for their Apple Pencil. Specifically, the WILLGO case + power bank has an elegant design polished in white and a black magnetic cover which allows you to open and close it quickly. The protective case stores your Apple Pencil while keeping its accessories safe in assigned storage compartments.

Though it is quite slim, it can still hold your Apple Pencil safely and functions as a power bank so your Apple Pencil is always within enough power wherever you are. It also prevents the jostling of the Pencil while it is in your handbag or backpack.

Specifications and Features

The key features of the WILLGOO Apple Pencil case include the following:

  1. 1700mAh lithium battery capacity – for charging on the go when the Pencil runs out of power.
  2. Minimalist design that is rather slim enhances portability and gives the case a sleek look.
  3. 7.95 inches in length.
  4. 1.73 inches in width.
  5. 1 inch in height.
  6. 5.2 ounces in weight – light and very portable.
  7. White in color with a black cover – stylish with a beautiful look and elegant design.

It’s Unique Feature

The Apple Pencil Case houses the Pencil and all associated accessories in one place, and in a safe environment. It holds the pen, the battery and everything else in a compact way to prevent them from breaking or scratching. What’s more? You can charge the pencil when you are not near a power source without having to drain your tablet’s power by charging the pen with it.

How to Charge the Pencil and the Case

Well, this part can be a bit tricky. For you to charge the Pencil, you have to make sure the Case is fully charged. The ‘input’ port should be connected to the power outlet using the provided micro USB cable, after which a blue notification light will indicate that it is charging. It will take approximately three hours for its battery to be full.

Similarly, you can charge the pencil using power from the case by connecting a normal size USB cable to the “output” portal and the other end (input) onto your pencil. The battery of the case, when full, can charge the pencil more than ten times without recharging it.

Final Thoughts

WILLGOO’s Rechargeable Apple Pencil Case has many positives and depending on the user this can vary from look and feel to functionality. For example, it makes it more difficult to lose the Pencil cap – an issue which is particularly prevalent among many user . In addition, the charging feature is also convenient for travelers because you can now travel without worrying about your tablet running out of power from charging the Pencil. Furthermore, the case is affordable, convenient, and most importantly protects your Apple Pencil.

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