Afraid of the Ugly Truth about Instagram Marketing Service? Don’t Believe What You Hear!

Instagram is one of the leading social media networks with more than 800 million users. These kinds of numbers will not be ignored by any serious social media marketer. The platform’s emphasis on visual content is very appealing to many and social media marketing service providers have not been left behind.

However, despite the many benefits of Instagram for brands, many businesses still cite reasons why they fail to seek Instagram marketing services. Some of these reasons include the false belief that Instagram will only work if you are a seller of visual products or that it only works if you have a big budget. Others claim they do not use Instagram because they can’t measure the results of the platform’s success.

In this article, we provide you with Instagram marketing statistics and other relevant data to prove that Instagram can boost the growth of your business. We hope by the time you are done reading this article you will seek professional marketing help to assist you to make Instagram marketing changes for better performance of your brand on the platform.

  1. Impressive number of users

It is hard to ignore numbers. Data from Statistica shows that in the last five years, the monthly active users on Instagram has grown to a whopping 1 billion users. In the US alone, the number of active monthly users is expected to grow to 120.3 million by 2020 from the estimated 105 million Instagrammers in 2018. In addition, 55% of Instagrammers in the US will visit the social media site more than once every day. As a business person, there is no other platform that will give you an opportunity to connect with so many potential customers on a single platform.

  1. Use Instagram to grow your brand

If you are an entrepreneur, do not ignore the influence Instagram can have on your business. Data from Sproutsocial indicates that approximately 800 million Instagram users follow business profiles. These are about 800 million potential clients for any active business on Instagram. Additionally, 60% of the registered users will visit the network every day.

Instagram will also help you connect with your customers. According to Hootsuite 75% of Instagrammers admit to engaging with a brand after they see a post from the brand. Marketers who are aware of the power of Instagram are taking action with 2 million advertisers being reported on the platform as of September 2017. This just shows you that many entrepreneurs believe that Instagram is a great platform for business.

  1. Use Instagram to market your business

If you are wondering if Instagram marketing will work for your business consider that 90% of renown global businesses use Instagram to market their products.  Instagram as a visual platform is increasingly being favored by users and marketers alike. Visual content is easy to process and images are the best marketing tool to share a brand’s message.

  1. Get more brand engagement on Instagram

Instagram is known to be the king of engagement. Users on the platform do more than just look at posted content. They will like, comment, and share the content. If you are a brand that can come up with catchy visual content, Instagram has limitless opportunities for exposing your brand. Of the top 100 brands already on Instagram, 80% of them consistently post videos, pictures, and content weekly. Instagram is said to be ten times better when it comes to user-brand engagement compared to Facebook and the numbers are there to prove this. Further, 53% of Instagrammers follow their favourite brands.

  1. Use Instagram engagement tools to interact with potential customers

Instagram has very unique user-engagement tools including Instagram stories, live videos, and instant messaging. Furthermore, using the right hashtags will lead to more engagement as Instagram posts with one hashtag are likely to get 12.6% more engagement compared to posts without a hashtag.  Additionally, emojis are just as popular on Instagram. Posts with emojis elicit 47.7% more interaction on the platform compared to those that don’t. Such tools allow brands to engage better with the users.

In conclusion, these statistics show you that as a business you cannot afford to ignore Instagram. The platform has a lot of users and there are numerous ways to engage with them. The good news is that it is not too late to create a business profile on the platform or make the necessary changes on your existing profile to boost the growth of your brand on the platform.

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